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Press / Awards

Nov 1st 2017, Stuttgart
We are proud to announce that meSchup is the cover-feature of the Nov 2017 special issue of the IEEE Computer Magazine.

Nov 9th 2016, Internet of Things Conference 2016, Stuttgart
We are proud to announce that meSchup received the Award for the best demonstrable IoT system at the 6th International Conference on the Internet of Things.

Nov 1st 2016, Stuttgart
"A Brain for the Internet of Things" is the title of a recent article about meSchup and the innovative IoT research at the University of Stuttgart.
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Control all the things...

...with JavaScript

meSchup provides an abstraction from device platforms and communication technologies. It interconnects the majority of physical prototyping and Internet of Things platforms. So you can use JavaScript to control devices - instantly and without the need for any other development IDEs or other programming languages.

Build interconnected things and smart environments using your existing hardware such as smartphones, IoT sensors and off-the-shelf devices. Or get started with our ready-made Bluetooth-LE powered modular hardware building blocks (Blidgets).

Built with meschUp

Build smart environments. Thing by Thing. Whether Smartphone, environmental sensor or robot. We support you with the right tools.

Track things and people in your facilities. Provide proximity-sensitive service and user user interfaces.

Extend existing physical user interfaces with flexible and fully functional Augmented Reality UIs. Extend your devices with interactive AR instructions or manuals.

How it works

Through the meSchHub devices of any kind are seamlessly interconnected. Our web-based IDE running on the hub provides unified and instant access to sensors and actuators of all devices. Plug in and start coding within 30 seconds.

Program „by Demonstration” and access sensors live while writing code.



meSchup provides the "necessary glue" for seamlessly interconnecting smart things of different communication technologies and device platforms.


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